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Montessori Private Academy is committed to ensuring the safety and health of our community. Our sincere thoughts go out to all people affected by the outbreak of the coronavirus known as COVID-19. In an effort to keep our community safe and informed, we plan to share the latest information about how MPA is responding to COVID-19 via weekly emails which will also be added below.

We thank you for your continued patience and understanding during this challenging time. If you have specific questions that are not noted below, please !

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How long will Montessori Private Academy be closed?

Our physical building is closed through April 30th to adhere to the Governor’s latest order, however, we are actively continuing education using remote learning.

How will remote learning work with the Montessori methodology?

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Our plan includes weekly lessons that include face-to-face time with your child’s teacher, opportunities to see classmates and a schedule for lessons and personal interaction between your child and teacher.

We are using:

  • – The Google platform for parent portal, video conferencing, setting up appointments and at some levels, Google classroom
  • – Transparent Classroom for classroom-specific communications
  • – This site for general information and updates

Although specific structure for remote learning will depend on your child’s age and program level, please know that students will not be “on screens” for the full day. Off-screen activities, assignments, and recommended time for movement are built into schedules at every level.

While Montessori Private Academy has never implemented a remote learning plan, our strategy has been informed by best practices and experiences of independent peer schools and resources from both and . Our goal is to provide students with activity, engagement, support and structure that is on par with in-person learning.

How will tuition be affected by the move to remote learning?

We use tuition dollars to pay the teachers and staff, keep our building, and pay for technology like Transparent Classroom and G-Suite, all of which we need to continue doing during this temporary remote learning period, so at the current time, there is no change to tuition payments. If you have additional questions relating to this, please reach out directly to our interim director Sue Haney-Bauer or Board President Amanda Reisinger.

What schedule should students follow for learning?

Schedules will vary by classroom to ensure families with multiple students are not overwhelmed with online meetings all at the same time. You can check your specific teacher’s in the section “Weekly Schedule” to view when full classroom activities are scheduled. In addition, your remote learning account should have calendar invites for these. If it would help to map out a day-by-day schedule, check out a .

At a high level, each student will have:

  • 1+ Full Class Meeting/Week: This meeting invite should exist in your remote learning Google account. If you do not see any meeting invites in this account, please see technology FAQ
  • 1+ Available One-on-One Time Between Teacher & Parent/Student: Teachers have booked available office hour slots on their calendars. Each week, a parent/student can click on the link from the to schedule the best one-on-one meeting time for that week. The remote learning Google-based email is required to book these meetings.

The “Weekly Workshelf” / “Weekly Works” section (also located in the ) includes ideas for Montessori-based activities students can complete throughout the day.

Where can I find descriptions of Montessori works?

Transparent Classroom holds descriptions for the majority of works presented in the classroom. The easiest way to navigate to this information is to do the following:

  1. 1) Log into on your computer. (Note: The mobile app does not have this same functionality.)
  2. 2) Select your child from the top left side of the screen (right below the “中国体彩官方app” option).
  3. 3) Across the top of the screen, select the “Conference Reports” menu option.
  4. 4) Open any of the links that end in the word FORM. “Works” available to your child are shown here and the majority are links that describe what the work is, what the child gets out of it, etc.

If you still have questions on a work, and we’ll get the information to you!

How should I handle childcare during this time?

The current stay at 中国体彩官方app order and social distancing recommendations are in place and MPA fully supports these, however, we are aware that they may be circumstances where families need to find care and/or situations where someone is able to provide care and parents would like to help support these efforts so have created a .

Please note this is a community sharing of information. Montessori Private Academy will not manage this list and is not responsible for childcare coordinated through this document. Montessori Private Academy is following all CDC, Local, State and Federal guidelines related to COVID-19 and recommends that social distancing recommendations be followed.

Can I pick up something my child left at school?

If the item(s) you need are absolutely essential, like medicine, class pets, emotional support stuffed animals, etc, you can email administrator@ requesting to arrange a time for a no-contact (we can collect item(s) and leave inside the first door set, for example.

How do I ensure my child is not on screens all day?

Although specific structure for remote learning will depend on your child’s age and program level, please know that students will not be “on screens” for the full day. Off-screen activities, assignments, and recommended time for movement are built into schedules at every level.

What technology will I need to ensure my child's education continues during this closure time?

We are utilizing software and platforms that can be accessed via desktops, laptops, mobile devices and tablets to enable all students to benefit from the offering. If you do not have access to the internet, Comcast is providing a . Additionally, you should ensure your email address is updated in Transparent Classroom and you have a or downloaded Google meet app on or to enable the planned video conferences.

MPA is offering remote learning ONLY through April 30th
to adhere to the Governor’s latest order


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